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Utopia Banished - That's Why Everything Burns - 12"
Utopia Banished - That's Why Everything Burns
Utopia Banished

12" (vinyl)

Aentitainment aent.023
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(post) rock.

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Though the German label Aentitainment releases mostly electronic music (such as the recent and very nice début by Dafake Panda), its founder's main project is the rock / metal outfit Utopia Banished, from whom we hadn't heard in several years. This band's follow-up to 2011's "Escape Strategies" gather five very emotional and raw tracks which move away from the industrial (read "NIN-influenced") vibe of its previous release and end up being both quite hard and very live-sounding. Not bad at all.

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C'est génial le GoPro, on viens de le mettre dans les toilettes en tirant la chasse pour voir ce que ça faisait, c'est très bizarre y'a des bulles partout.