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v/a - 30.2 - CD
v/a - 30.2
Various artists (compilations)


Syrphe (Textolux) S013
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electronica / downtempo / experimental / drones / field recordings.

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C-drik's Syrphe label keeps on exploring the world and finding electronic musicians in the least probable of places, as demonstrated once again with this new "30.2" compilation, focusing this time on artists from Africa. Besides the Maghreb, we also get material from such countries as Angola, Madagascar or the Reunion island, countries not really known for their vibrant alternative music culture. Music-wise, this compilation is softer than other Syrphe ones, with little noise and a lot of electronica beats, intertwined with more meditative, droney and field-recordings based material. As usual with Syrphe's releases, here come a good selection of tracks which also benefit from the documentary aspect of their release.
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