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v/a - Azure - 12"
v/a - Azure
Various artists (compilations) / Cardopusher / Komonazmuk / Math Head / Lich

12" (vinyl)

Terminal Dusk TD010
File under
dubstep & grime.

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Excellent and very recommended four tracker compilation from Terminal Dusk. Starting off with a great remix of my favorite track by Komonazmuk ("Love"), going on with a soulful, catchy and über-bassy track by Cardopusher and ending with a gritty and dark piece by Math Head, "Azure" also introduces to the world a track by Lich, a.k.a. the dubstep side-project of Wisp. That's four tracks and four reasons to get this 12". I'm not kidding, this is gold.
mp3 excerpts:

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