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v/a - Chaos Tea - 2x12"
v/a - Chaos Tea
Various artists (compilations)

2x12" (vinyl) (also available on digital)

Acidsamovar (Rednex Rampage Records) ACSA011
File under
breakcore / mash-up / IDM.

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There's been something boiling up in the russian IDM and breakcore scene for some time, and Moscow has slowly become one of the hottest city in Europe for shows. It's time now to check what sound comes from there, with this "Chaos Tea" 2x12", featuring 16 new tracks by as many bands coming from the cold. Ranging from breaky mash-up to melodic IDM, the whole thing is really quite fresh, crazy and full of energy. All in all, if more people had the drive and enthusiasm of the kids on this compilation, the "scenes" would probably be a lot healthier. Very recommended.
mp3 excerpts:

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