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v/a - Club Oddstream - 2x12"
v/a - Club Oddstream
Various artists (compilations)

2x12" (vinyl)

Shipwrec SHIP06
File under
electronica / downtempo / electro / dubstep & grime / techno.

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Quite a diverse release than this luxuriously pressed double 12" from Shipwrec. As far as I understand, the artists presented here performed at a festival in Nijmegen in 2011, and were asked to provide new material for this project. Let's start with the heavy weight, as T.Raumschmiere and Alec Empire infuse their side with noise, insanity and anger. Besides them we get a pot-pourri of clubby techno, some nice laid-back electronica (for example with Coco Bryce) and some infectious, heavy dubstep (with Stagga). All in all, this collection is a bit all over the place, but all the tracks are rather solid.
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Aberdeenshire, Uruguay