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v/a - Crimson - CD
v/a - Crimson
Various artists (compilations)


Terminal Dusk TD001 CD
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breakcore / electronica / IDM.

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A hell of a kick off for Line47's new label, Terminal Dusk. "Crimson" is a tightly packed compilation featured 15 new tracks by such a good line-up that I'll just have to list all the names here: Enduser, Exillon, Doormouse, Emotional Joystick, Eight Frozen Modules, Duran Duran Duran, Soundmurderer, Line47, Shitmat, Not Breathing, Jonas the Plugexpert, Chevron, Wisp, Rusuden, Killa Cosby and Pale. From hard breakcore to mashup, from complex IDM to pounding beat, this CD is a collection of very well chosen tracks. Very recommended.
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