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v/a - Emerging Organisms vol.3 - 2xCD
v/a - Emerging Organisms vol.3
Various artists (compilations)

2xCD (CD)

Tympanik Audio TA036
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industrial / electronica / rhythmic noise / IDM.

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Third volume already for Tympanik Audio's double CD compilation series. The number of labels for industrial-ized electronica has dwindled dangerously in the last couples of year, meaning that the 29 tracks of this compilation can gather bands from more or less all the last of the mohicans: Tympanik of course, but also Hymen, Spectraliquid, or our own self of Ad Noiseam (with Raoul Sinier, Detritus and Keef Baker). In the end, the whole thing is a wild ride from post-EBM industrial to IDM-ishy waters, with its good and its less-good, but there are quite several pearls in here.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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