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v/a - Emerging Organisms vol. 4 - 2xCD
v/a - Emerging Organisms vol. 4
Various artists (compilations)

2xCD (CD)

Tympanik Audio TA056
File under
industrial / electronica / downtempo / IDM.

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Long awaited fourth volume of Tympanik Audio's double CD compilation series. As usual, we get a good snapshot of this label's output as well as a collection of tracks by similar-minded artists. This volume is particularly heavy on the electronica, introvert side and quite calm all throughout, with the odd heavy industrial beats being used here and there. On the Ad Noiseam front, you'll find new material by Hecq, Subheim, Matta and Mobthrow, alongside tracks by such acts as Access to Arasaka, Frank Riggio, Bola (!), Port Royal and many others, for a total of 29 tunes. A surefire compilation which will greatly appeal to the people who have been following Tympanik over the years.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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