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v/a - Favorite Places - CD
v/a - Favorite Places
Various artists (compilations)


Audiobulb AB016
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ambient / electronica / avant garde / drones.

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Nice idea for a compilation: Audiobulb gathered for the first volume of "Favorite Places" ten artists and asked them to compose a track about their, well, favorite place. Ranging from Taylor Deupree's ode to a ridge in New York to Biosphere track about a lighthouseor the more down-to-earth numbers by Leafcutter Johnand Dot Tape Dot about their studios and bathrooms, this compilation gathers mostly calm and droney material ranging from drones to pretty electronica and, of course, a lot of field recordings. The whole thing comes with a very extensive poster booklet, and is a nice thing to check out for everybody into conceptual electronic music.
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