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v/a - Jigsore 007 - 12"
v/a - Jigsore 007
Various artists (compilations)

12" (vinyl)

Jigsore jigsore 007
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breakcore / drum'n'bass & jungle / raggacore.

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As usual, Jigsore makes me doubt my knowledge of the raggacore, breakcore and rave scene, as this is the first time that I hear of the four acts presented on this record. Music-wise, this EP is a bit harder than what we could listen to from this British label recent, with a lot more hardcore kick-drums and quite a lot less jungle beats and amen breaks. The ragga samples are still there, though, which results in something which could somewhat have fit on Tigerbeat6 a few years ago (think of Kid606's "Kill Sound" era). A nice one.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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