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v/a - Kamikaze Club 6 - 12"
v/a - Kamikaze Club 6
Various artists (compilations)

12" (vinyl)

Peace Off (Ruff) POFF KC 06
File under
breakcore / hip-hop / hardcore.

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Sixth volume already of Peace Off's high energy compilation, and six tracks to wake up the neighbours and pack the dancefloor. Quite a lot of newcomers on the menu this time around. Past Monster-X and Dr Bastardo, already known for their releases on Peace Off, we get some nice breakcore (with a tint of raggacore) by Doshy, Aaaaa and Randomatik Blast, while Corrupted Files closes the dance with a surprising hip hop number (for this label). But hey, that's a "Kamikaze Club" 12" on Peace Off, you know what to expect.

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