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v/a - Marasm16 - DVDR
v/a - Marasm16
Various artists (compilations)


Marasm marasm16
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breakcore / noise / experimental.

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13 video DVDR from the Paris-based Marasm collective, presenting a rather bleak, dark, and somewhat very industrial-looking collection of videos done for tracks by such acts as Istari Lasterfahrer (presenting two very surprising pieces), Tzii, Electromeca, Lexpekor and others. Ranging from breakcore to ambient and from drones to noise, the audio fits well with the overall very old-school industrial looking videos (think b&w images, fast editing, and plenty of computer-related imagery). Pretty aggressive, well done and a good way to get a deeper look at what the Marasm people are doing.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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