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v/a - Murder Channel Remix Wars vol. 1 - digital
v/a - Murder Channel Remix Wars vol. 1
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Murder Channel MURDG001
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mash-up / downtempo / electro / dubstep & grime.

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Japan's Murder Channel jumps the gun and delivers its first digital-only release in the form of this 4-track remix item. Opening and closing the highest profile tunes, with Balkansky remixing somebody called Aural Vampire, for a bass-heavy but still quite poppy remix, and Scorn turning a DJ100mado track into a pure Scorn-esque piece. In the middle, original material by this same DJ100mado and Pacheko are remixed by Miii and Ena (about whom I don't know very much), both in a rather electro, clubby way. All in all, here comes a very varied EP which carries Murder Channel's sense for extravaganza, but calms things down a bit and invite two heavy hitters. Interesting.
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