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v/a - Mutagen - 12"
v/a - Mutagen
Various artists (compilations)

12" (vinyl)

Void void006
File under
industrial / breakcore / 8 bit.

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Interesting compilation that this 2007 six track 12" from Detroit's Void (Tactical Media) imprint. Out of all the artists featured here, I knew only of Blaerg and Split Horizon, but it would seem that the American industrialized breakcore scene is more kicking than one would expect from Europe. A lot of fast breaks, quite a lot of 8-bit sounds, a rather constant lo-fi production but a lot of energy and thrashing around for a end product which is at the same time dark and crazy. There's still life and excitement in the US breakcore scene, which is a very good sign.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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