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v/a - Parazit - CD
v/a - Parazit
Various artists (compilations)


YB70 (Ytterbium, Modulo) YB70 12
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industrial / breakcore / rhythmic noise.

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After much delay, here is finally the long-awaited compilation from Paris's YB70 label. Gathering 15 hard, dark and gritty tracks by such artists as Imminent, Iszoloscope, Kirdec, La Peste, Element Abuse or Somatic Responses, "Parazit" is a very adequate snapshot of this "other" breakcore scene, the one that has stayed closer to its dark and noisy roots (and to the industrial sound). Not as ravy or mash-up-influenced as many other recent releases, and rather pounding. Fans of oppressive, dark breaks (think Praxis) will enjoy this one a lot.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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