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v/a - Praxis Anonymous Series vol. 2 - digital
v/a - Praxis Anonymous Series vol. 2
Various artists (compilations)

digital (digital download) (also available on 12")

Praxis (Sub/version) praxis 45
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Second volume of Praxis's "Anonymous" series, coming after a fery successful first one. A lot less noisy than Praxis's recent 12" by Cortex, this compilation 12" gives us four new breakcore tracks and let us ponder who is behind each one. If a couple could come from Somatic Responses or Christoph Fringeli for their industrial aggression, one sounds a bit more like Xanopticon or Vile Enginez, very fast, cut up and sharp, and the closing one, mixing metal samples, is probably not from Drumcorps, but from somebody who quite liked "Grist". All in all a very good initiative, four great tracks, and again, the pleasure of getting solid material without the need for name dropping.
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