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v/a - Puzzling vs In Vitro - digital
v/a - Puzzling vs In Vitro
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In Vitro / Puzzling Records PUZZ 009 / InVitro009EP
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breakcore / drum'n'bass & jungle / IDM.

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Split release between Belgium's Puzzling Records and France's In Vitro, each one presenting three tracks by artists of its own country. The Belgian side is very IDM and VST-heavy, fast and fun, with a strong Etschaberry track. On the other side od the border, the frenchies bring on some acid (with Subjex), heavy hitters (with Krumble) and 8bit mash-up with (TEP). All in all a fun, well done and interested encounter. So, what will it be? Belgian waffles or french cheese?
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