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v/a - Schmerzakustik - CD
v/a - Schmerzakustik
Various artists (compilations)


Raumklang Music RK2006
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industrial / electronica / rhythmic noise.

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Ah, what one does when one starts out. Before focusing on introvert and melodic electronica, Dirk Geiger's Raumklang label seems to have dwelved rather heavily in gothic-oriented industrial sounds, as shown with this "Pain Accoustics" compilation which gathers 13 tracks of heavy handed darker than dark post-industrial sounds, thick-pads electronica and a little bit of EBM thrown in for good measure. Most of the acts were and stay unknown to me, though there's a Klangstabil tune in the lot. Not necessarily my thing, but there are quite a lot of fans for this kind of sound out there.
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