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v/a - Sick - 2xCD
v/a - Sick
Various artists (compilations)

2xCD (CD) (also available on digital)

Acidsamovar (Rednex Rampage Records) AcSa002
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breakcore / mash-up / IDM / rave.

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Let the madness begins. They had smashed you with the hard hitting "Make your own tea", and Moscow's Acid Samovar label are back with this "Sick" double pack, containg no less than 45 tracks of breakcore, mash-up, industrial and a sprinkle of IDM. Rich in russian acts, but leaving rooms for such international acts as Bong-Ra, Drumcorps, Jason Forrest, Shitmat, Droon, Ebola, Society Suckers and others, this new compilation is once again surprisingly well compiled, well produced. It's a big one, but the ratio of strong material is very high. A recommended buy, and an introduction to some nice newcomers.
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