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v/a - Soundtrack For Variable Fiction - CD
v/a - Soundtrack For Variable Fiction
Various artists (compilations)


Ytterbium (YB70) YTTERBIUM 17
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ambient / avant garde / minimal.

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All star compilation soundtrack for the movie "Variable Fiction" (about which I do not know anything at all), produced by the franco-german Arte channel in 2006. Once again, I have no idea what this movie (by a director called Gr�gory Chatonsky) is about, but the people in charge of its soundtrack knew what they were doing: gathering new material by suhc high profile artists as Vladislav Delay, Francisco Lopez, Steve Roden, Tim Hecker, Hazard, Pure, Pita, Fennesz, Scanner and other, this is definitely the cream of the crop of ambient, minimal electronica and drones that one get over here. A really nice way to check what all of these major names are doing at the moment.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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