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v/a - Tectonic Plates volume 2 - 2xCD
v/a - Tectonic Plates volume 2
Various artists (compilations)

2xCD (CD)

Tectonic (Earwax) TECCD005
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dubstep & grime / techno.

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Follow-up to 2006's remarked first Tectonic double CD compilation, following the same guidelines: the first CD is a label compilation, presenting 12 tracks which had so far been available on vinyl only, and the second is a long DJ mix by Pinch (Tectonic's founder). With excellent material by Flying Lotus, Joker, Skream and the like, the 1st CD shows how most of these acts have shed their former dubstep clothes and integrated a strong influence from Berlin's dub techno sound. The DJ mix itself, full of unreleased tracks, has a bit more weight and bass. All in all an excellent snapshot of what this leading dubstep label is heading to.
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"Run War" is crassic!