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v/a - The Outsider Looking In / Existence - digital
v/a - The Outsider Looking In / Existence
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Tantrum TANTRUM001
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drum'n'bass & jungle / hardcore.

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First release on the new Tantrum label, kickstarting things with a split between DJ Hidden and the younger and supposedly Polish duo Morebeat. These guys' side present a resolutely dark but straight drum'n'bass number that should go well in the club, being rather accessible though menacing. Hidden's side, though starting in a very calm manner, is a hard and extremely sharp thunderstorm, somewhere between his d'n'b material and The Outside Agency and is obviously DJ Hidden in one of his (many) great days. This track alone and the many plays it deserves justifies the purchase of this record.
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Note that the digital version of this EP contains 6 tracks (while the vinyl has only two), with Cooh, Zubcore and others participating with hard hitting, dark d'n'b to this version.
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