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v/a - The Reconstruction Of Fives - CD
v/a - The Reconstruction Of Fives
Various artists (compilations)


n5md CATMD182
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electronica / (post) rock.

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There's quite a lot to say about this new compilation on N5md. First, its concept, which was to gather 12 acts (most of which are pretty high profile: Pale Sketcher, Nadja, Architect, Hecq and others) to cover / re-interpret tracks from the label's catalog. Then, that the whole thing sounds very good, but surprisingly similar all throughout and very close to N5md's general shoegazer sound. Third, that my favorite tracks here are covers of my favorite tracks. An interesting experiment, something to notice, but also something which sounds maybe a bit more tame than it could have been.
mp3 excerpts:

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