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v/a - These Sounds Will Have To Meet Somewhere In Between - 2xCD
v/a - These Sounds Will Have To Meet Somewhere In Between
Various artists (compilations)

2xCD (CD)

Signifier sig001
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industrial / electronica.

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To a new label, a new introductory compilation. Though this double CD was released after Signifier's very first CD (Ex_Tension's "Freedom"), it is with this value pack that this young American label demonstrates what it intends on being about. The score is that it's all pretty industrial and rarther dark, with a spectrum ranging from club-material with EBM roots to more flowy, Tympanik-esque electronica. On the menu itself are 27 tracks, often from newcomers, but also from acts people should have heard of, such as Tonikom, Millipede, Zero Degree, Lucidstatic, Oil10 or Endif. As a conclusion: good luck to Signifier in this new endeavor.
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