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v/a - Underground. Invasion & Friends 2k8 - CD
v/a - Underground. Invasion & Friends 2k8
Various artists (compilations)


Invasion Wreck Chords INV043
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industrial / downtempo / rhythmic noise.

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Released in late 2008, this compilation is another testimony and homage from Ambassador21's label to all the bands they have worked or played with, or, generally speaking, their "friends" (in a non-Myspace sense). Gathering 18 tracks from mostly industrial and rhythmic bands, the whole thing is pretty gritty and harsh and, while the CD's first half sounds quite EBM-ish, its end contains some interesting, more original contributions. All in all, a good new volume of this compilation series (and the Cdatakill track is excellent).
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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