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v/a - White Line vol. 1 - 12"
v/a - White Line vol. 1
Various artists (compilations)

12" (vinyl)

Aentitainment Aent 004
File under
industrial / breakcore / drum'n'bass & jungle / metal.

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Very good first vinyl for this small german label, gathering four newcomers on the side of Ad Noiseam's Mothboy to present a well produced and very good sounding 12" of deep breaks, smokey atmosphere, mid-tempo tracks, head-nodding, groove-heavy tracks. There is no hectic and no billions of BPM on this record, but the tracks have very nice atmospheres and work very well. A strong 12" for DJ and fans who understand that there is a life besides the BPM. Check it out.

The main price of this product is 6.72 €.The price of 8.00 includes the german v.a.t. rate of 19%, to be paid by customers in the European Union.
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the force is strong in these ones.