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v/a - Zomb3 #1 - digital
v/a - Zomb3 #1
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Zomb3 (Ninja Columbo) #1
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breakcore / drum'n'bass & jungle / hardcore.

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First EP for Zomb3, the digital only sublabel of The Teknoist's Ninja Columbo. The beast comes in screaming and kicking with quite a tasty line-up: Detest delivers a surprinsgly d'n'b track, muscular and efficient, followed by an excellent Enduser remix of a Teknoist track. Duran Duran Duran follows with a booty breakcore tune that shows him in a very good day, before getting remixed by The Teknoist on the 4th track for a hardcore, straight and pummeling track. A strong line-up and four strong tracks for anybody interesting in the colliding of drum'n'bass, hardcore and breakcore.
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