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Various - Learn Faster / Air - 10"
Various - Learn Faster / Air
Various Production

10" (vinyl)

Various Production VA5
File under
downtempo / experimental / pop.

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It had been a lot too long since I had last listened to something new from Various (Production). Pretty much in the vein of the latest series of 7" they had after their "Versus" CD, the two tracks on this low profile 10" are downtempo, crisp tunes revolving around vocals (this time by Asher Dust). The mood is quite relaxed, but the production is, as usual, awe-inspiring and original. I find it puzzling that, with all the quality music these guys have released since their "The World Is Gone" album, they haven't managed to keep the recognition they had then acquired. Oh well, one this is truely good music.

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It's so nice to listen 2 your sond ans music!