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Various Prod / Virus Syndicate - Apollo / Neva Argue - 7"
Various Prod / Virus Syndicate - Apollo / Neva Argue
Various Production / Virus Syndicate

7" (vinyl)

Planet Mu ZQI214
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hip-hop / dubstep & grime.

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Clash of the eclectic dubstep / grime titans with this (of course beautifully designed) 7" gathering the talents of Various Productions and Virus Syndicate. The sleeve doesn't give any information as to who did what, but the whole thing sounds pretty much like Virus Syndicate lending their voices to tracks by Various Productions. One track is a rather grimey one (extremely well produced and detailled), while the second is another of Various Prod's it-can-not-work-but-it-actually-does mixture of hip hop, dubstep and epic folk. And as usual, this is fresh, crystal clear and plain excellent.
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