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Various Production & The Silt - How Can You Stand? - 7"
Various Production & The Silt - How Can You Stand?
Various Production / The Silt

7" (vinyl)

Fire Records BLAZE45168
File under
electronica / (post) rock.

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Various Production go one step further in their trip towards less beats and more rock: while this new 7" is, at first sight, a pure Various product (from the format to the product), it actually leaves most of the stage to the newcomer The Silt (no idea who these guys are). The A side is a track co-written by both bands, a sort of sweet but twisted indie ballad à la sauce Various (which, in my opinion, means that it is an awesome tune). The B side from The Silt only, and is a bit less tricky and full of effect, but still fits well with the general mood of Various's world. Charming.

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