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Various Production & Virgin Passages - I Want You To Sleep - 7"
Various Production & Virgin Passages - I Want You To Sleep
Various Production / Virgin Passages

7" (vinyl)

Fire Records BLAZE45169
File under
electronica / avant garde / (post) rock.

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Following the similar experiments with Georgia's Horse and The Silt, Various Production come here with a third remix record for another band on Fire Record. This time, the original version of Virgin Passages's "I Want You To Sleep" is a low-fi, cute and poetic thing that reminds strongly of what Constellation was doing ten years ago (think a stripped down A Silver Mont Zion). Various Prod's remix polishes the sound and complexifies the song, turning it into a rather tricky but beautiful and charming thing. And another Various Prod record which I have to recommend.
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C'est génial le GoPro, on viens de le mettre dans les toilettes en tirant la chasse pour voir ce que ça faisait, c'est très bizarre y'a des bulles partout.