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Venetian Snares - My Love Is A Bulldozer - 2x12"
Venetian Snares - My Love Is A Bulldozer
Venetian Snares

2x12" (vinyl)
/ 12

Planet Mu ZIQ350
File under
breakcore / IDM.

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While Venetian Snares used to be known for releasing album after album at a pace nearly impossible to keep up with, there will have been an astonishing four years between this "My Love Is A Bulldozer" and its predecessor. The wait was worth it, as this new album doesn't just sound like most Snares releases so far, but has a sound and personality in itself (as "Doll Doll Doll" or "Rossz..." could have before it). There are plenty of hectic, beat-driven breakcore moments, of course, but also a lot of singing (sounding very close to Snare's excellent and much underrated album as Poemss) and calmer, aerial moments. It would be a cliché to say that this album is the one with which Venetian Snares reached maturity, as this artist has been productive enough to confirm himself a long time ago, but this album is definitely a step up compared to his latest productions.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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