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Von D
Von D - BroadStreet / ImaginationVon D - BroadStreet / Imagination - digital
Lutetia Dubz LUTETIA012 - 2.52 € (outside of the e.u.) / 3.00 € (e.u., incl. v.a.t)
Two very nice tunes of "post"-dubstep from Von D again. This French musician has taken the habit of offering very convinci... (add to cart)
Von D - Nouvelle Histoire / Berlin CallVon D - Nouvelle Histoire / Berlin Call - 12"1
Argon ARG027 - 7.14 € (outside of the e.u.) / 8.50 € (e.u., incl. v.a.t)
Von D's first release for Argon sees this French musician keep on mixing his rather lush and round dubstep with straight u... (add to cart)
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