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Whourkr - Concrete - CD
Whourkr - Concrete


Trendkill Recordings KILL 021
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breakcore / grindcore / metal.

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Second album of the insane fury that is Whourkr, a.k.a. the other project of Igorrr's Gautier Serre. Take the whole madness, break overdose and crystal clear production of Igorrr, add tons of grindcore guitars and growls to it, and you get something which is just mandatory for anybody who has ever wished to thrash around. There's actually no big surprise that this album was released in the US on Crucial Blast, as it is probably how Genghis Tron would sound like if they were to take a lot of the right drugs. Very hard, very metal, very breakcore, and very fun.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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