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Yura Yura - Be Sexual - CD
Yura Yura - Be Sexual
Yura Yura

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Hands D187
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industrial / rhythmic noise / techno.

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The debut album by the (I believe) French act Yura Yura is another fine example of how image-influenced distorted straight rhythms are at the moment. If you disregard some of the most classic, tribal-esque piece noisy industrial on "Be Sexual", you'll get quite a few über-noisy techno tunes which would could potentially be hailed as the second coming of Christ by this fringe of the music world that is constantly looking for new trends (I'm looking at you, fans of Blackest Ever Black, Raster Noton & co). Packaged by Hands, on the other hand, it seems mostly aimed at dark, semi-goth dancefloor. Anyway, a major part of this album is really quite nice, and you'll just have to paint your own context for it.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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