A necessary update.
Thursday, 21 July 2016 14:54

A lot of people are wondering what is up with Ad Noiseam at the moment. Friends, colleagues, customers or strangers have emailed me or posted public messages asking about the lack of releases, of shipments and of news since the beginning of 2016. Here is finally something which might work as a public explanation of sort. It comes late, much too late; not because I was ignoring questions, but because I had neither the time nor the peace of mind necessary to sit down and write it.

Third part of Semiomime's "Seasons" podcast.
Sunday, 17 January 2016 13:55

Ad Noiseam podcast: our first freebie of the year (which incidentally doesn't fall on a Friday) is the third and final part of Semiomime's "Seasons" podcast series. What started as a four part thing ended up being released in three, but what a final part: this brand new "Fall / Winter" part is the perfect crowning of Semiomime's evolutive series. Featuring many Ad Noiseam artists (including the often overlooked Maghweels and Wilt, alongside new figures such as Stavros Gasparatos), this new episode might be less ambient than the very first, but juggles with genres in an elegant manner. No surprise really when you think that DJ Hidden's Noel Wessels is the mand hiding behind the Semiomime moniker.

Click here or below to listen to Semiomime's "Fall Winter" podcast. The tracklisting and past episodes ("Spring" and "Summer") are below.

New delay with the vinyl version of Drumcorps's "Falling Forward"
Sunday, 20 December 2015 15:43

When it rains, it pours: we wrote extensively about the reasons behind the delay of the vinyl version of Drumcorps's new "Falling Forward" album (adn188) back in October, and explained how problematic it was for us. The pressing plant had back then promised to deliver us the record in the very first days of December.

This deadline came and went, and the records never reached us. Apparently, this time, there was not enough colored raw-vinyl for the production (whether or not it could have been pre-ordered is a question we would rather not ask at this moment). The consequence of this all is that records which we were originally expected in October were allegedly sent to us at the end of this week. Taking into account the usual delivery problems during the holiday season, we expect to receive them in Berlin either right before or right after Christmas, and be able to start sending orders right before New Years Eve.

We are extremely sorry for this new delay and are baffled by the amount of difficulties we are encountering on this LP. It is definitely worth it, but we have never encountered so many repeated delays on any production.

You can still pre-order Drumcorps's new LP (on blue & white vinyl, black & white one, or solid black) as well as purchase it immediately on CD or as digital files.

Friday Freebie: listen to Swarm Intelligence's Skizze #01 set
Friday, 11 December 2015 00:00

Friday Freebie: listen to Swarm Intelligence's Skizze #01 set

Friday Freebie. First, sorry for the lack of update to this section of our website recently. We ran through some weird technical problems with the server that prevented us from adding new articles to this blog.

Anyway, let's come back with a loud and noisy bang: we sang the praise of the first party of Berlin's young Skizze crew when it took place (for example with this great trailer), and are happy to now get the chance to listen again to the whole set played by Swarm Intelligence's there. This raw recording of his show is here and below. Now let's see whether we also get to enjoy again what Ontal played right afterwards.

Friday Freebie: listen to Oyaarss playing at Riga's cathedral
Friday, 04 December 2015 17:54

Friday Freebie: Oyaarss just played a very particular concert on December 1s t. Invited to take part in an evening dedicated to church organs, this musician played a set of entirely new, group-oriented music in Latvia's biggest cathedral made almost entirely of samples from organs recorded at churches all across this country.

The whole show was recorded but apparently needs some additional mixing and post production to be enjoyable to people who did not attend this concert. However, below are almost 5 minutes from this set, prepared by Oyaarss for this week's Friday Freebie.

You can listen to this excerpt of Oyaarss's set here or below. You can also find pictures of this concert after the cut.


Friday Freebie: listen to new podcast by Swarm Intelligence
Friday, 06 November 2015 17:08

Friday Freebie: listen to new podcast by Swarm Intelligence
Friday Freebie: while "Rust" might still be very fresh (and gathering a lot of praises" at the moment), Swarm Intelligence's not getting any rest. He has just recorded a new podcast (he is quite generous with these) for the Berlin based Mindwaves collective. Starting quite calm and building up the noise and beat level little by little, this new mix showcases many sides of this artist's talent. A very nice companion to Swarm Intelligence's new album, it can also serve as an accurate introduction to people not yet familiar with this act (something they should correct quickly).

Click here or below to listen to Swarm Intelligence's "Mindcast 25". The tracklisting is after the cut.

out today: Drumcorps's "Falling Forward"
Friday, 30 October 2015 17:33

Drumcorps "Falling Forward" - Ad Noiseam adn188
It will have taken 8 long years for Drumcorps to come up with a sequel to his remarked and remarkable "Grist" (adn70). That's almost 100 releases on Ad Noiseam, and many generations of fans (things go fast with underground music). But here it is (with an exception discussed here yesterday): Drumcorps's new album, "Falling Forward" is out today. The CD and digital versions are available immediately, and the LP is up for pre-order.

Few works have been as eagerly awaited as Drumcorps’ second album. Coming out nine years after "Grist" (Ad Noiseam adn70, 2006), "Falling Forward" looks to the future while staying true to the project's heavy guitar music roots. Dense riffs, vocals, melody, guest musicians, and a diverse array of modern electronics combine with concise songwriting to form a complete work of integrity. The result is powerful, cohesive, tender, and in a class of its own: keeping all the elements which made "Grist" a success and taking them forward, confirming Drumcorps’s position as not only a perfectionist, but also an innovator.

Drumcorps's new album: out tomorrow on CD, vinyl edition delayed.
Thursday, 29 October 2015 18:37

Drumcorps "Falling Forward" - Ad Noiseam adn188

Tomorrow, October 30th is the release date of Drumcorps's long awaited new album. It took Aaron Spectre 8 years to craft this follow-up to “Grist”, we're very proud to be able to release “Falling Forward”, everything about this album should be a reason to rejoice.

We have bad news for some of you, though: we have learned that we will not be able to release the vinyl version of this album on time. Worse still, this LP is not being delayed by a couple of days or a week, but by six solid weeks. Yes, we now expect the vinyl edition of “Falling Forward” to be available on December 14th only. We are very disappointed and angry about this, and we would like to apologize to all of you who have pre-ordered this record and will have to wait.

Click below to read our rants about the reasons behind this delay and our annoyance with it. First thing first, though, here's a breakdown of what is happening for people who have ordered Drumcorps's new album:

  • if you have pre-ordered the CD, your order has been shipped already, or is being shipped this week. No change there.
  • if you have pre-ordered the digital version, you will be able to download it at midnight, Central European Time. No change there either.
  • if you have pre-ordered the vinyl version (in whatever color), your parcel will be sent only on or a bit before December 14th. We are very sorry for this. However, you will be able to download a digital version of this album from your store account page, free of charge, at midnight tonight. This applies only to paid orders, placed before today. If you want to change anything about your order (something which we would of course understand, considering the very long delay), please get in touch by writing an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • if you pre-ordered the LP at the Maschinenfest, we have your snail mail address, but not your email one. Please get in touch so that we can send you this album's digital version.

And now for the longer rant...

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